Question: can you do paper bag printing in various thickness

Answer: Yes, we can manage to do all types of thickness from 80 gsm to 400 gsm thick paper bag printing in dubai

Question: where to do paper bag printing in Dubai?

Answer: We do paper bag production, printing and manufacturing in our Dubai & Sharjah Factory UAE

Question: How to proceed to my own paper bag printing in UAE?

Answer: simply send us your logo or printing details to us our team will prepare everything from design to printing and delivery all over UAE

Question: is paper bag printing in dubai expensive?

Answer: No, paper bag printing services we offer in dubai is cheaper, affordable and reliable not at all expensive

Question: is your company do free design and mock up for paper bag printing?

Answer: Yes, we do complete design, digital sample and mock demo for approval

Question: if you company provide proof before actual production of paper bag printing?

Answer: Yes, our company give you soft copy first and physical copy for final approval before start mass production of paper bag printing

Question: how can I trust your company to do our paper bag printing in dubai?

Answer: Yes, we are paper bag printing and production company with total in house production serving thousands of premium clients in UAE and middle east visit our factory

Question: your company manufacture paper bag or only printing you do?

Answer: Yes, we are basically paper bag printing and manufacturing company

Question: what types of paper bag making machinery you have in factory?

Answer: we have state of the art quality paper bag production line with cutting edge technology of printing and finishing machinery from Germany, Europe and china

Question: why paper bag become familiar today in dubai market?

Answer: Yes, paper bag is the best and smart choice of eco-friendly and sustainable choice to replace plastic bag

Question: do you make kraft bag in your factory?

Answer: Yes, we manage to do all types kraft paper bag brown and white kraft material paper bag printing too

Question: is there any minimum order for paper bag printing in dubai?

Answer: Yes, there are MOQ is required for paper bag printing start form 100 pcs

Question: what type craft works you can do in the paper bag?

Answer: you can have lots more craft works such as printing, lamination, embossing, debossing, foiling, hot stamping and spot UV etc.

Question: what about luxury and premium paper bag printing in you?

Answer: luxury and premium paper bags we make with many additional craft works like stamping, uv and emboss etc.

Question: how quick you can print paper bag in dubai?

Answer: we print paper bags within hour services

Question: can you accept bulk paper bag order?

Answer: of course. We are capable to do huge bulk order over 10 million pcs of paper bag print and making capacity in a month

Question: can you do quick lamination paper bag printing?

Answer: yes, we do quick paper bag printing within two hours delivery

Question: how reliable your company in dubai for paper bag printing?

Answer: we are well recognized company across many industries, shopping mall, hotel, schools in UAE for all types of paper bag supply

Question: do you have eco-friendly paper bag?

Answer: yes, we supply paper bag with eco-friendly material

Question: paper bag and shopping are same?

Answer: in terms of usage and purpose of course it is almost same

Question: what types of carry bag you supply?

Answer: we supply shopping bag, plastic carry bag, gift carry bag, grocery bag, garments bag, abaya bag, dust bag, laundry bag etc…

Question: what types of other bag you produce other than paper bag in your company?

Answer: we supply paper bag, plastic bag, non-woven bag, cloth bag, garments bag, cotton bag, jute bag, canvas bag, tote bag, kraft bag etc.

Question: how much price or cost for paper bag printing?

Answer: paper bag printing price depends on quality of material and quantity

Question: what types of handles comes for paper bag?

Answer: we supply paper bag handle in paper curl handle, ribbon handle, rope handle, nylon handle, woven handle etc.

Question: do you maintain good quality in paper bag binding and pasting?

Answer: Yes, we have well experienced and qualified team for paper bag binding, finishing and packing team

Question: do you have quality control team for paper bag printing?

Answer: Yes, we have decades of good experienced quality check and control team who carefully check all works before pack and deliver

Question: how to print paper bag?

Answer: paper bag printing by offset printer and then goes to manufacturing section all works done by automatic machine with us

Question: what is the usage of paper bag?

Answer: paper bag can be used for various goods transportation, gifting centre, shopping centre, hyper market, super market, carry goods in all sales outlet.

Question: paper bag printing is worth?

Answer: Yes, paper bag printing with logo and company details is in expensive way of marketing and promotional tool for all business

Question: What is the price of one paper bag in UAE?

Answer: approximate cost for one paper bag comes from 1 AED to 3 AED may vary on quality of bag

Question: Can I sublimate on paper bags?

Answer: No, you can’t sublimate on paper bag however, sublimation printing can be done with cotton, woven, non-woven, tote, satin bag only

Question: Can I print multi colours on kraft paper bag?

Answer: Yes, you can have multi colours printing kraft paper bag as well.

Question: can you do die cutting on paper bag?

Answer: Yes, we do die cutting and laser cutting on paper bag

Question: How do you print a picture on a gift bag?

Answer: we can do gift bag with multi colours images, pictures printing by using multi colours offset printer

Question: how do you make paper bag in your factory?

Answer: first design, make mock up dummy and make printing plate, printing next go to lamination and die cutting then goes to final finishing of pasting or binding

Question: how much weight hold in paper bag?

Answer: paper bag can hold with 15 kg of weight

Question: who and when invented paper bag?

Answer: In short, 1871 inventor Margaret E. Knight designed a machine that could create flat-bottomed paper bags to carry goods

Question: where was paper bag made first?

Answer: according to statistic the Paper bags were manufactured commercially in Bristol, England, starting in 1844

Question: why paper bag day celebration?

Answer: paper bag day celebration making awareness about important of environmental issues like climate change and to promote a more sustainable lifestyle by introducing paper bags as alternatives to plastic bags.

Question: what is paper bag called?

Answer: packaging type of paper bag that can be constructed of one or several layers of high quality kraft paper, usually produced from virgin fibre.

Question: what are some benefits of paper bag?

Answer: first of all to say no plastic, paper bag energy saver, making sustainable future, nature friendly and safe for our soil

Question: are paper bag good for all business firms in UAE?

Answer: yes, since it is affordable, reliable and faster production paper bag is good choice for all business

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